Thursday, April 25, 2013

Alleged Train Terrorist Jaser's Family Got Into Canda by Playing the "Joooos Ethnically Cleansed Us/Wacky Naqba" Card

This is from a report in the Toronto Sun. (I'm still looking for the link to show up online. In the meantime, here's a link to a similar story in Maclean's):
Mohamed Jaser [the alleged terrorist's dad], who was born in Jaffa City, in Palestine, on Feb. 1, 1947, stated in his refugee claim in Canada that his "family was forced to leave their homeland" and moved to the Gaza Strip when Israel was established in '48.
"Being non-Jewish residents of Palestine, we were not subject to the Law of Return (favouring Jewish settlement in Palestine) and had to leave during the time of Jewish migration into the area," Jaser wrote.
"The Israeli army seized our land," and the state "established a policy of 'religious cleansing,' which promoted and forced the transfer of non-Jewish citizens and residents from the state of Israel," wrote Jaser, who lived in Gaza until '66.
So heartening to know that this sort of Zionhass passes the sniff test with our land's gatekeepers, the Canada Immigration and Refugee Board.

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