Monday, April 22, 2013

CAIR: It's Your Fault, Kafirs!

In the aftermath of the chaos unleashed by the Tsarnaev brothers, CAIR has made the astounding claim that the biggest problem re the American-Islamic relationship is, of course, "Islamophobia."

Nice try, semi-crypto triumphalists. The biggest problem between the two is far more insidious, and should be obvious by now. It's the Islamophilia--of jihadis.

Update: OnIslam interviews a CAIR functionary re the Boston bombing:
OI: The suspects of the Boston attacks turned out to be Muslims, again like most attacks since 9/11, do you think it is a coincident (sic)?

Shibly: Actually, most terrorist attacks in the US have not been planned by people who have anything to do with Islam. For example, according to the FBI, between 1980-2005, only 6 percent of terrorist attacks in the US involved Muslims. Now even 1 percent is too much, nonetheless, it certainly is not the majority. 
Furthermore, American political scientists have made it very clear that those who commit acts of terrorism have nothing to do with religion and are often motivated by political, not religious, reasons. Actually, such attacks can never be justified and truly are nothing more than the result of having a twisted and sick mind.
Nothing to do with religion. Move along now, Islamophobes 'n' philes.

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