Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Zion-Loathing Union Boss Sid Ryan to Bloviate About His "Road to Palestine" at Beit Zatoun

This sounds ghastly:
The Road to Palestine is a new series of personal talks programmed by and hosted at Beit Zatoun. Guest speakers are Canadians who have taken a public stand on Israel/Palestine. Speakers come from a variety backgrounds and careers. They share a recognition that a resolution to the question of peace and conflict in Israel / Palestine is essential to global justice, international law and to peace in the world.The evening is meant to be personal and autobiographical. The speaker is traces their journey and relationship to the situation of Israel/Palestine from earliest views and opinions. What are their present views? What is their unique contribution to the question? What are their thoughts on the future and what is needed to resolve the situation?
The Road to Palestine seeks to share a human and personal story in our midst that would otherwise not be told.

About the Speaker
Born in Dublin, Republic of Ireland, Sid Ryan is in his second term as the President of the Ontario Federation Labour (OFL), Canada’s largest provincial labour federation, where he represents 54 unions and over one million workers. Previously, Sid headed CUPE Ontario for 17 years and became one of the labour movement’s most recognized voices on public health care, education and public services.  
Sid has earned an international reputation as a champion of equity, social justice and human rights – not just for his members, but for workers in every workplace and their families in every community.

A friend and advocate to many, on the "question" of Palestine, Sid has shown the same resolve and leadership. He has demonstrated great courage over many years and hard fought battles. Probably the greatest was when he helped spearhead the landmark CUPE Resolution in May 2006 which endorsed the global campaign of boycott and divestment against Israel for its "apartheid-like policies". CUPE and Sid came under tremendous fire from many quarters in Canada but held firm on a principled position which has stood as an example for Palestinian solidarity...
Yeah, he's a regular Mahatma Gandhi Luther King. Give that man a Nobel Peace Prize and an Order of Canada--pronto!

Alternatively, he'd be perfect for Richard Falk's job--once the odious Dickie gets the old heave-ho, that is.

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