Thursday, April 18, 2013

Melanie Phillips on the Thatcher Bashers and Their Britain

She writes:
But Britain is now a country where behaviour that was once unthinkable is now routine. Where the mob is unleashed every minute on social media to make vile remarks, to bully and intimidate. Where reasoned argument has been substantially replaced by vilification and insult. Where so many have been moronically parroting the conformist whine of the day, that Mrs T had been a divisive figure -- as if any true leader does not create argument and controversy 
Where young people are so devoid of compassion or respect for another human being, so convulsed by hatred as a result of their narcissistic incredulity that there can be any viewpoint other than their own, that they actually gloated and danced in the streets over the death of a frail 87 year-old who had lost her mind. And then they and those who shared their point of view of Lady Thatcher actually accused her of making Britain selfish and uncaring! 
It is indeed becoming a selfish, brutalised, uncaring society. But this is the result of fundamental social and cultural changes -- like the fragmentation of the family, the refusal to transmit a common culture through education, the balkanisation of Britain through multiculturalism, the victim culture which gives a free pass to certain privileged groups for their bad behaviour.  
All these changes flowed from the tremendous onslaught by the left upon the Judeo-Christian values of the west, and the replacement of the bonds of duty which keep a society together by a rampant hyper-individualism and group rights which break it apart on the rocks of selfishness. ...
She could just as easily be describing the Canada where a "human rights" industry runs amuck, where "the victim culture" means Muslims are allowed to preach hatred against Jews with impunity (try doing that if you're not Muslim and see where it lands you), and where, God help us, Justin Trudeau (who inherited his mother's looks...and his mother's brains) is being touted as the next prime minister.

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