Friday, April 19, 2013

Bieber Akbar!

Some of non-threatening boy idol Justin Bieber's Norwegian fans go that extra mile to score some free tickets to his show:
A Norwegian TV show known as “Anne-Kat” aired a comedy show on Tuesday depicting teenage girls allegedly “converting to Islam” for the chance to win tickets to see Justin Bieber in concert. 
According to Dagen, a Norwegian news website, the show instructed the avid Justin Bieber fans, also known as “beliebers,” to remove all make-up, put on hijabs, recite what allegedly was an Islamic statement of belief in Arabic and read a piece of Arabic text aloud. 
The girls were made to say, “Justin Bieber is unclean and probably gay,” reported Dagen. 
Hærland, the host of Anne-Kat, said “we wanted to find out how far Norwegian ‘beliebers’ are willing to go for tickets to one of Bieber’s concerts.”...
Pretty damn far, apparently. In fairness to the Biebersoxers, though, perhaps the host could have told them that once they've embraced Islam there's no going back, and that the penalty for apostasy is death.

Update: Another Belieber high fives J.B.!

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