Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Can President Outreach Protect America?

This American Thinker says no way:
Obama did not create the Islamist ideology that has fed the fervor of modern-day terrorism.  But from his Cairo speech through his speech Monday night just after the Boston bombings, in which he refused to call the attacks terrorism (he conceded the point the following day), he has made it clear that he does not believe that terrorism is a continuing threat to the lives and safety of Americans.  His refusal to use the terms "War on Terror" and "Islamic fundamentalism" are just examples of a belief either that he can wish away evil or that evil simply does not exist.  But what the country needs is a president who understands Islamic jihad for what it is -- the totalitarian, fundamentalist dogma that drives the violence perpetrated by those who have waged holy war on the West.  And Obama has yet to give us any indication that he understands these very real threats, or that he is interested in, and capable of, protecting us from them.

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