Monday, April 29, 2013

The "New" Antisemtism: It's Called Zionhass

Re the "new" Jew-hate, Dow Marmur writes in the Toronto Star:
Attacks on Jews and Judaism hiding behind ostensible commitment to science and the pursuit of human rights are particularly insidious. The current efforts in Europe to ban ritual slaughter and circumcision are ominous manifestations. 
Though this “new” anti-Semitism is said to be fuelled by Muslim hatred of Israel, a ban on ritual slaughter and, particularly, circumcision, would harm Muslims no less than Jews. If, indeed, efforts seeking to inhibit Jewish life in today’s Europe are inspired by Islamist extremists, it’s their own co-religionists who’ll be among the victims. 
Identifying and condemning contemporary hatred of Jews, whether it reflects old stereotypes or in its new versions, we must also note that, though it’s prevalent in most countries and today often linked to militancy against the State of Israel, responsible governments in the free world have learned the tragic lessons of its devastating effect through the ages and are now trying to nip incidents in the bud. 
Muslims must realize that they are no less vulnerable than Jews. Therefore, for their own self-protection they should openly join all who seek to eradicate this evil instead of allegedly fuelling it in Malmö and elsewhere.
Allegedly?!? Never mind Malmo, have you been to Al Quds Day at Queen's Park lately, Dow?

Update: Elsewhere in The Star, Malmo Zionhass all but disappears.

Update: "Discover the gay scene in Malmo during Eurovision": given that burg's demographics, that's what's called cruisin' for a bruisin'.

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