Friday, April 26, 2013

The "Root Cause" of Those Who Seek "Root Causes"

Bruce Bawer is fed up with those who were praying that the Boston bombers weren't Muslim, and who continue to try to account for the Chechen bros' "strange" behavior:
It’s necessary to fight jihad. But it’s equally necessary to fight this weed that has grown up among us – this decadent, despicable readiness to deny the reality of jihad, to relativize it, to make excuses for it, to blame it on us, on America.
Are you listening Justin? Here's a song that 'splains it (dusted off from the parody vault):

Those 'splosives down their pants.
Those kooky imam rants
That make 'em take a chance--
It's jee-had.

And there is no defense for it.
When PC spin commences it
Drives out all common sense PDQ.

'Cause it's jee-had.
Just a jee-had.
And although some go, "It's strictly taboo!"

When they arouse a need precise,

A need to shtup in Paradise,
We'll bleed, indeed, that's what we will do.

It's a Medieval trope.
Can we escape it? Nope.
No hope that it's all over soon.


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