Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Train Terrorism Suspect Tells Montreal Justice of the Peace That He Answers to a Higher Authority

Canada's Criminal Code? He doesn't care about any steenking kafir criminal code:
A Montreal man accused of plotting a terrorist attack against a VIA Rail passenger train denounced the Canadian Criminal Code in a Toronto courtroom Wednesday during his second court appearance. 
“This Criminal Code is not holy book,” Chiheb Esseghaier, 30, told the court as he stood in the prisoners’ box at Old City Hall, wearing the same blue and black jacket he was arrested in. He also had glasses and a dark beard. 
Esseghaier — who appeared to have no family or friends in the courtroom — chose to comment on his continued detention even after Justice of the Peace Susan Hilton advised him to consult with duty counsel and cautioned him that everything he said would be on the record. 
“Only the Creator is perfect,” Esseghaier continued, adding the Code could not be relied on. 
“It doesn’t matter in this court,” Hilton told him, before ordering his detention pending his next appearance on May 23 by video...
Surely it does matter in the sense that the man's statement shows where his  head is at--i.e. deep inside the Koran.

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