Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Don't Listen to Morose Utopians, Naqba Nutters and Anyone Whose Last Name Is Trudeau: Israel Is a Resounding Success

On the occasion of Israel's 65th anniversary, Isi Leibler writes:
There is no historical situation that remotely compares to the Jewish people's renaissance and transformation into a Jewish nation. After being exiled for 2000 years to all parts of the globe and having suffered endless cycles of discrimination, persecution, exile and mass murder culminating in the genocidal horror of the Shoah, we reconstituted ourselves into a nation state.
Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, an ingathering of the exiles took place with Jews from all over the globe flocking to find haven in the newly established Jewish state. There, against all odds, they bonded together — into a melting pot of Shoah survivors, refugees fleeing persecution in Arab countries, Jews escaping from the underdeveloped societies of Ethiopia, discriminated Jews from the former Soviet Union, and others undergoing oppression — and succeeded in creating one of the most vibrant and resilient societies in the world...

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