Sunday, August 25, 2013

115,520 Janitors in the U.S. Have College Degrees

The stat sounds much better if you call them "sanitation engineers."

Update: Another disconcerting statistic--59% of the "tuna" Americans eat isn't tuna. Apparently, much of it is "escolar, a fish that can cause prolonged, uncontrollable, oily anal leakage." Ick!


Carlos Perera said...

As Scaramouche knows, I earn my living as a physical therapist. Working in a variety of clinical settings, an interesting phenomenon I've noticed over the past several years is the growing percentage of low-level hospital, nursing home, and school system workers who have university degrees, sometimes well above the bachelor's level. These nurse's aides or teacher's aides jobs (though they are often tagged with inflated titles, like "patient care technician" or "classroom paraprofessional") really require nothing beyond a good sixth grade education (though, granted, a good sixth grade education has become a rare commodity in present-day U. S. school systems) and a few weeks' practical training.

As you might suspect, many of these folk--especially among those belonging to racial and ethnic minorities--are quite resentful of their lot in life, feeling themselves to be the object of a grave cosmic injustice. . . . In other words, they are ready-made Democrats. So, you see, producing millions of underemployed college graduates is a winning proposition for the Dems (and not just on the socioeconomic resentment plane; they also get indoctrinated in quasi-Marxism while in college, are saddled with enormous college loans that can then be forgiven if the graduate provides "public service," and are generally turned into government-dependent tame critters).

scaramouche said...

They should have gone into a good trade--like plumbing. The pay is great and, having been spared the onerous burden of college loan repayment, you get to keep a lot more of your cash.