Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Take Away From NCCM (CAIRCAN) Tweet

The take away is: By claiming "Islamophobia" is ubiquitous, it can become the vehicle we can use to drive Islam/sharia into the public square:
7) In 1997, the Runnymede Trust (in the UK) defined Islamophobia. In part, Islamophobia is when Islam and Muslims are seen as hermetically sealed, separate, not able to borrow from other traditions and contributions of others. Other components of that definition of Islamophobia are detailed by the Runnymede Trust.
8) Often you’ll see statements made that are thinly veiled Islamophoba, where someone will say: “Not all Muslims are like this, but…” (and then proceed with an Islamophobic statement)
9) Also will see that many people reject criticisms of liberalism and modernity that come from Muslims. We’re in a moment at present when Islamophobia is almost deemed to be normal, natural, and unproblematic. Often subtle and coded and taken for granted as part of normal discourse.
10) Islamophobia can be physical assault and/or verbal assault which has emotional and psychological impacts.
11) Events in the US have Canadian implications.  US-CAN border is very porous, and along with the flow of goods, ideas and concepts flow as well. There is a cross pollination of ideas in public discourse.
12) Often see Islamophobia in certain messages: Examples of this include:
  • Where are the moderate Muslims?
  • Muslims are embracing a victim mentality
  • Stealth jihad -Muslims are building a mosque!
  • Attempts to label a group as foreign
In this rendering, "Islamophobia" is any utterance/feeling/belief that does not toe the by-the-book (you know which one) Islamic line, a way of thinking that is meant to engender dhimmitude. And, at a time when being labeled "racist" is feared far more than speaking truth to and about Islamic supremacists, all too often it has the desired effect.

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