Friday, August 23, 2013

The Ceeb's Nalah Ayed: Does Mubarak's Release Spell the End of the MuBros "Revolution"?

Sorry, sweetie, but yes; yes it does. Nalah, who writes the following elegy about the MuBros downfall, may well need therapy to help her deal with the new reality:
For Mubarak supporters, this is also payback time. It's the undoing of what they see as two years of wrongs since he was ousted. 
However, for the Brotherhood and its supporters — as for many in the international community — what is underway in Egypt right now is simply a coup, and the accompanying crackdown, a bloodbath. The Brotherhood especially calls it the return of the police state. 
For many onlookers, it all smells strongly of counter-revolution. The tragic finale of the so-called Arab Spring that's repeatedly been declared dead almost since the moment it was born.
With the Muslim Brotherhood lurking in the background, looking for its shot at power after decades of waiting in the wings, the so-called Arab Spring was dead on arrival.

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