Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Canadian Islamic Rag Alameen Posts Swoons Over Justin Trudeau

Seems all his sucking up is having the desired effect (my bolds):
July 24th marked a historic day in the story of Muslims in British Columbia; Surrey in particular.  MP Justin Trudeau, Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) visited the Surrey Jamea Mosque to break fast and have dinner with the Muslim congregation.  Surprisingly, to everyone's delight, he joined the congregation for Maghrib salah.  He may not be a Muslim, but his respect for our Deen and Iman was very well apparent.  Following the kind introduction, he spoke eloquently about the similarities between principles espoused by Islam and the ideals and true characteristics of Canada as a nation.  Through his words, Justin reiterated his believe and those of his late father, Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau that immigrants, Muslims included are true nation builders that have much to contribute to Canada; they are not just units of production, a reference to the current Conservative governments approach to immigration.
The love for Justin's late father was well on display, as references to brothers and sisters having the opportunity to meet the former late Prime Minister at some point in the past were heard through the evening.  Justin engaged in conversation where he could, all the while being called out for pictures from the packed house.  He kindly posed for every last picture asked of him. 
Justin Trudeau, through his actions, proved he is different than other political leaders...
Indeed. He's much more of a dhimmified suck up than any of them.

Is this Canada's future prime minister or a scene from Disney's Aladdin?


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Unknown said...

Yup the Canuck version of Obama, soon he'll say 'the call for prayer five times a day is the nicest sound around.'