Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Three Time Losers in Wars Against Israel, Syria Embarked on Chemical Weapons Program: Expert

I think there's a Darwin Award in there somewhere given that the Syrians ended up turning the weapons on themselves and not the hated Joooos.

Update: Let's not forget that the Syrians tried to go nuclear, only to be foiled by the dastardly Zionists.

Update: Syria was coddled--hence today's problems:
International attorney Richard D. Heideman said that massacres in Syria, including the recent use of deadly gas by the government against its own citizens, are a result of the constant and consistent protection from responsibility which the Syrian regime has enjoyed in the international community. 
“The Syrian state violence, not just of recent days, but stretching back two years, are the direct result and byproduct of the ongoing impunity enjoyed by the Syrian Arab republic while conducting terrorist activities stretching back decades,” said Heideman, the lead counsel on behalf of American victims of Syrian terrorism, who has received on behalf of his clients the highest judgments awarded by US Federal Courts against the Syrian Arab Republic as a state sponsor of terror. “The world didn’t care when it assisted in the hijacking of planes, when it helped and assisted terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah and acted as a conduit for Iran to smuggle weapons to Lebanon to be used against Israel, and it still doesn’t seem to care when it kills 100,000 of its own people.”
Even Vogue magazine played a part, portraying mass-murderer Assad and his Missus as the last word in chic.

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