Friday, August 30, 2013

Dear Official Jews: Instead of Kvetching About the "Shrinking Palestine" Transit Ad, Why Not Think Strategically and Run Your Own Ads to Counter It?

Official Jewry is up in arms about a transit ad running in Vancouver. The ad, paid for by a bunch of Zion-loathers, shows that (gasp!) Palestine has been shrinking while Israel has supposedly been growing like gangbusters. Understandably, pro-Israel Official Jewry isn't too fond of the ad, and has broadcast its objections to the media, thereby making Jewry look bad for seeking to curb free expression. My solution: pull a Pamela Geller and buy your own ad. In this case, I'd suggest one showing eensy-weensy Israel nestled amongst its humoungous--and hugely tyrannical--neighbours. That would shoot down the absurd idea of a "shrinking Palestine" pretty quickly.

Update: This one works too (though I doubt that any transit authorities would give it the go-ahead):

Update: Israel, lone light in a dark region

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