Thursday, August 22, 2013

Indonesia's Committee for the Presevation of Unruptured Hymems Wants to Start Work in the Nation's High Schools

Fun times for young chicks (not):
An educational agency in Indonesia -- perceived to be a moderate Muslim country – has plans to conduct virginity tests on 16-18 year old girls as part of its senior high school admission requirements. 
H.M. Rasyid, the chief of Prabumulih’s Education Agency, said that increasing instances of premarital sex and prostitution among female students prompted the move. 
"We’re planning on conducting virginity tests for senior high school students," Rasyid said. "We have proposed it in the 2014 regional budget. If it is possible, the virginity tests will be carried out next year." 
"This is for their own good," Rasyid said. "Every woman has the right to virginity … we expect students not to commit negative acts." 
The plan – which would require each student to have her hymen examined every year of high school – was supported by local politicians as a way to decrease what is viewed in this conservative country as “rampant” promiscuity in the area...

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