Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tarek Fatah: Has "Justin Trudeau in Secret Converted to Islam"?

The only reason he's asking is because of the way the young pretender/panderer comported himself during a recent visit to a mosque:
Next, Trudeau is welcomed to participate in the ritual prayer where we Muslims face Mecca and prostrate our heads to the ground to show our subservience to Allah and to proclaim our steadfast belief in Islam. 
The Liberal leader sat next to the Imam, raised his hands Islamic style and prayed in the front row of the mosque while Muslim women sat in the back rows as second-class citizens. Trudeau had no problem with this gender apartheid. He was later permitted to address the congregation. 
No non-Muslim is permitted to participate in our ritual prayers unless he has taken the oath of Islam and declared that Muhammad is the last Prophet of God and that the worst sin is ‘shirk,’ the belief that Jesus is the son of God. 
Perhaps Justin Trudeau has in secret converted to Islam. After all, the Liberal leader in his own words told an audience in Calgary that he visits mosques in his riding of Papineau, among them a Wahabbi mosque to “deepen my understanding and knowledge of Islam.”
Personally, I think JT, who, after all, used to teach drama, was just playing dress up. However, it is clear that one needn't recite the shahada to be in synch with the thirst for power inherent in "the most dangerous form of Islam" (as Fatah calls the type of Islam preached at Wahhabi mosques).


Unknown said...

He gives me the same 'vibes' as Obama.

scaramouche said...

Yes, he's another pretty boy for those so inclined to swoon over.

kitt said...

Where is the pic of Trudeau prostrating his head to the ground to face Mecca? You don't have it? Well then this is all rhetoric.