Thursday, August 29, 2013

"The Current One" Is Full of Crap

If you think the Canadian media's giddy gushing over that dimwit Justin Trudeau is more than a little de trop (here's but one example), wait'll you hear how a Turkish newspaper describes old Artie:
Although Erdogan’s name appears to have lost most of its glitter in Turkish and world opinion, the limitless flattery of his partisans at home gains momentum. 
But none of that flattery reached the level of what appeared in the daily Takvim of Aug. 26 that insinuated Erdogan “was dispatched by Allah” and was full of tributes that could only be used for prophets. This is what Takvim, a newspaper of the media group whose flagship is the daily Sabah, said about Erdogan: 
"At the beginning of each century, one of them is tasked from the realm. He makes up for whatever is missing in the country, solves problems, arranges everything, kneads like dough. They were sent at the beginning of the 1900s and 2000s perhaps without even knowing that they were dispatched on such a mission. They were sent to be among mortals, sent to the front lines to ensure the existence of the country until the next century, given a seat and were laden with intense, sacred duties. Those who had returned to where they come from after completing their tasks are remembered with gratitude. The current one is wished a long life with feelings of appreciation.” 
The current (Turkish) one is a power-crazed Zion-loather. The current (Canadian) one is a power-crazed panderer--with good hair.

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