Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Chief of Re-Named CAIR-CAN Tried (and Failed) to Intimidate Markham Hotel Where Geller/Spencer are Booked to Speak by Playing the Might-Is-Right Card

The Jewish Tribune's Joanne Hill reports that the Islamist tried to strong arm the hotel manager a la Inspector Ricky Veerappan and a certain York Region rabbi:
In his letter [to the hotel's manager], [executive director of the National Council of Canadian Muslims Ihsaan] Gardee described the American authors and bloggers as “notorious xenophobic activists” and invoked the displeasure of the “1 million-strong Canadian Muslim community and indeed the 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide” should the hotel not cancel the event.
So Gardee thinks he speaks for one million Canadian Muslims as well as the entire Muslim population of the world, does he?

Talk about delusions of grandeur.

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