Friday, August 23, 2013

The Latest Fad on American Campuses: Fake Hate

There's plenty of genuine hatred on American (also Canadian) university and college campuses these days--hatred of "Zionism" (Zionhass), hatred of the West, hatred of wicked capitalism, etc. All of which, go figure, are a function of the so-called "progressive" worldview and being indoctrinated/marinated in its sophistries of victimhood and grievance. Alas, for students who fall into this kooky category, there isn't nearly enough of the bad kind of hatred--hatred aimed at certain designated victim groups, that is--in evidence. For that reason, some progressive kidz, with only the best of intentions, of course, have taken it upon themselves to, well, fabricate the hate:
Fake hate crimes, which occur primarily on college campuses, are a peculiar feature of American life. Hoaxers operate on a bizarre premise: If evidence to support their political claims isn’t available when they need it to be, well then, they’ll just have to “find” some. Deep down, the hoaxer knows that his fellow citizens are racist and terrible; he knows that the downtrodden are suffering at the hands of people unlike him; and he knows that there is “so much more work to do.” And so, if his campus isn’t beset by the disgraceful bigotry of which he knows everyone is secretly guilty, then he’ll have to invent some against which heroically to fight. 
Oh, those kidz. They're so gosh-darned inventive.

Update: Meet the privileged, Obama-supporting white kids who perpetrated the cruel Oberlin hoax. Er, thanks, but I'd rather not.

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