Monday, August 26, 2013

Spot On Analysis by Egyptian Ex-Pat in the Toronto Sun

Simon Kent elicits these insightful remarks from Rami Bassily, an Cairo-born engineer now living in Mississauga:
“The ideology espoused by the Muslim Brotherhood is the same one of tyranny that you find in Hamas and the Taliban and al-Qaida,” Bassily said. “They just incite hatred with the very clear belief that ‘Jihad is our way and dying for jihad is our way to God.’ 
“They have extracted the killing excerpts from the Qur’an which have supported this, and they have used these excerpts to brainwash their followers with a hatred of personal freedom. 
“That is why the ancient Coptic Christians who have been part of Egypt for centuries are paying such a price. 
“Anybody opposed to the Muslim Brotherhood’s politics is an enemy ... an outsider. Don’t forget the first thing former president Morsi did was replace 17 provincial governors with Muslim Brotherhood members and he also gave Islamists control of key government ministries. 
“Morsi did not look at the interests of all the people and the standard of living of the poor; he gave advantage to the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood. They were only interested in a form of democracy that helped them to the exclusion of all others.”
I consider Bassily to be the anti-Harpoon--and the antidote to his venom.

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