Thursday, August 22, 2013

Harpoon Siddiqui Says It's Not Too Late for Canada to Do the Right Thing Re Egypt

Hilariously but tellingly, Harpoon thinks it's in Canada's best interest to move on from a discussion about blazing churches and restore the MuBros to power:
Stephen Harper, who never did warm up to the Arab Spring, has remained mostly mute. He expressed concern about Coptic churches being attacked, as he should have, but he has chosen to ignore that the Egyptian army could have guarded the churches if it wanted to.  
It’s never too late to take the right position. Morsi should be restored to his elected office (as impractical as that sounds, it is a starting point for tough negotiations). The Egyptian regime should issue a road map, with specific dates, for a return to democracy.  
Otherwise, U.S. assistance should be suspended, and also the European Union’s $6.7 billion in aid. Canada should stop our $10 million a year development assistance and, especially, our military exports that are estimated by Project Ploughshares at about $3 million a year. The UN Security Council should order independent probes into all the state atrocities since July 3. 
Failing that, we will be remembered as accomplices in the unprecedented crimes of the Egyptian regime.
No, we won't. But since Harpoon has opted to play the blame game, isn't it odd how he wants to pin the crimes of Egypt's junta (ones which are hardly unprecedented, unless that regime, too, has unleashed poisoned gas on children) on us, but is unwilling to accept blame for the crimes of the MuBros and other Islamists?

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mrzee said...

"he has chosen to ignore that the Egyptian army could have guarded the churches if it wanted to"

Is the fact that it is necessary supposed to be a good thing? Otherwise why would Harpoon want the MB back in power?

What a moron.