Saturday, January 25, 2014

Israel Created Expressly to Provoke Discord Among Muslims: Grandiose Ayatollah

Here's a toxic snippet from a speech on the topic of Islamic unity (or, rather, the obvious paucity thereof) he delivered at a recent conference:
It is 65 years now that the world of arrogance has been trying with all its power to impose the existence of the Zionist regime on Muslim nations and to make them accept this regime. But it has failed. We should not look at some countries and governments which are willing to act against their national interests in order to safeguard the interests of their foreign friends - who are the enemies of Islam - and to consign Islamic interests to oblivion. Peoples are opposed to the presence of the Zionists.
It is 65 years now that they have been trying to erase the memory of Palestine, but they have failed. During the 33-day war in Lebanon and during the 22-day war and - for the second time - the eight-day war in Gaza which were waged in recent years, Muslim nations and the Islamic Ummah showed that they are alive. The Islamic Ummah showed that despite the investment of America and other western powers, it has managed to preserve its identity, to slap the fake and imposed Zionist regime across the face and to frustrate the allies of oppressive Zionists who did their best during this time to preserve this imposed, oppressive and criminal regime. The Islamic Ummah showed that it has not forgotten about Palestine. This is a very important issue.
It is in such conditions that the enemy is focusing all its efforts on making the Islamic Ummah forget about Palestine. How do they want to do this? They want to do this by creating discord, waging domestic wars, promoting deviant extremism in the name of Islam, religion and Islamic sharia. They want a group of people to say takfiri things against Muslims. The existence of these takfiri orientations which have emerged in the world of Islam is good news for arrogance and the enemies of the world of Islam. It is these takfiri orientations that attract the attention of Muslims towards insignificant issues instead of letting them pay attention to the truth about the existence of the malevolent Zionist regime...
What "the Jews" were to a megalomaniacal Hitler, the "Zionist regime" is to the Grandiose Ayatollah--an irredeemably evil scapegoat employed to unite the people and gin them up for the "struggle" (in German: "Kampf"; in Islamic doctrine: "jihad") ahead.

And furthermore, what the death camps were to Hitler, a nuclear weapon is to Khameini--a way to eliminate the Jewish foulness once and for all.

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