Thursday, January 23, 2014

Via That Captain & Tennille 70s Shasheroo, Ummah-Boosters Look to an Old But Still Widly Effective Method--Communal Jew-Hatred--to Unify a Fractured Islamic World

Hate will keep us together.
Think of the Joooos whenever
Life is crap, a zero sum game.
Need someone to blame,
Someone to demonize and to defame.
Just start,
Start thrashin' Zion.
With the Shoah denyin'.
Harden your heart and let's start
Hating together.

We'll be there to go ballistic.
Make 'em a statistic.
Pluck and shuck that thorn in our side.
No need to hide
As long as the ummah's along for the ride.
Just start,
Start with the seething.
It's as nat'rul as breathing.
Harden your heart and then start
Hating together.

Wicked and stiff-necked:
Jewry, it ain't circumspect.
When the Prophet lopped off their heads
It's 'cuz of their "disrespect"--
They balked, they balked, they balked.

And he,
He couldn't stand their japes then.
Made 'em pigs and apes then.
A fate that they can never elude.
And Bibi is rude.
And settlers are evil, illegal and crude.
Don't stop,
Don't stop with the hatin'.
Don't stop with the plot we're creatin'.
Harden your heart and then start
Hatin' together,

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