Thursday, January 30, 2014

Obama's Female Sentries

Nonie Darwish says there's a reason why Obama has surrounded himself with so many chicks (Clinton, Rice, Sibelius etc.). It's to take—and dissipate—the heat so he won't have to:
It is not a coincidence that most of the Obama administration scandals happened under the leadership of women. The Obama administration chooses to surround itself with “yes men” and “yes women,” but liberal “yes women” have an advantage: it is hard to criticize and grill them when a scandal happens without being accused of sexism and being a bigoted woman-hater.
In our current political environment, liberal politicians in general, men and women, get away with a lot more than conservative politicians because of media liberal bias. But liberal female politicians can get away with a lot more than their male counterparts, and that explains why almost all the Obama scandals have female faces behind them. Under ordinary conditions, men or women should end up becoming fall guys or gals, but many of the women behind the Obama scandals end up rewarded, sometimes even with a better position.
Interesting theory—but I think there's another factor at play. I think Obama is a bit of a wuss who is used to, and even enjoys, being pushed around by alpha women (including Valerie Jarrett and his wife).

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