Tuesday, January 21, 2014

SWC Calls UNESCO Cancellation of Israel Exhibit "A Slap in the Face of Every Jew"--Yet Appears to Invites Even More Slapping

The story so far: the Simon Wiesenthal Center (key idea: "tolerance") created an exhibit about the 3,500 year-old connection between the land of Israel and the Jewish people. It was supposed to appear under the UNESCO imprimatur, but, bowing to pressure from Arabs, UNESCO cancelled the thing post haste. The U.S., which refused to co-sponsor the exhibit, condemned its cancellation (thereby trying to please everyone--and pleasing no one). Now Wiesenthal wants Zion-loathing Europe--yes, Europe--to hop on the condemnation bandwagon.
Sorry, SWC, but that request strikes me as being the height of masochism, not unlike this:

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