Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Walrus's Taboo Boo Boo

When Prime Minister Stephen Harper was in Israel last week, all the little Harper-haters and Zion-loathers (categories which tend to overlap) were a-seething and a-whining like crazy. And it's not as though these dissers were hard to find. All you had to do was turn on the radio, or watch the TV news, or open a newspaper--and there they were, in full force. And that reality makes this--an article in lefty 'zine The Walrus which claims that speaking ill of Israel is a big "taboo" in Canada--seem even more silly than it did before Harper's trip.

Trashing Israel "taboo" in Canada? Seriously? If anything, coming to Israel's defense and seeing the good in it (something which those of the leftist/Marxist and/or Islamist persuasion categorically refuse to do) is the far bigger taboo.

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