Thursday, January 16, 2014

Professor Who Refused York University's Order To "Accommodate" a Misogynistic Male Student Speaks Out in the Globe and Mail

York U sociology prof Paul Greyson gets it sort of--but not entirely--right:
In Ontario, all universities base their decisions on matters pertaining to religious accommodations on the province’s Human Rights Code. So although politicians of all stripes disagreed, it’s not surprising that the former chief commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission told The Globe and Mail that he thought York had done the right thing in insisting on the accommodation. If York was doing the right thing, other institutions would have felt compelled to do the same. 
But although human-rights bureaucrats may believe York did the right thing, many Canadians writing to me said the Human Rights Code does not yield acceptable outcomes. If situations like this one allow religious rights to trump gender rights, then the code is out of touch with the values of Canadians of all faiths. As a result, it lacks credibility among a large segment of the population. 
The people I’m talking about are not rednecks who believe Canada should be reserved for white, native-born Christians. They are native- and foreign-born Canadians of all faiths who put secular human rights for everyone ahead of parochial religious rights. Many reported experiences under regimes, such as Iran’s, that enforce strict religious codes. Indeed, some of the strongest support I received came from such individuals. They had seen firsthand the results of religious intrusion into all aspects of life...
True enough, but the real problem with our "human rights" bureaucracy is that it's a Marxist construct that maintains a pecking order of victim groups, one in which chicks are way down the list. Until and unless the whole imbecilic system is scrapped, totalitarian/sharia-compliant "accommodation" will continue to be the order of the day.

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