Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Oh, Swell--Q's Jian Ghomeshi Chats With the Jew Behind The Walrus's "Israel Taboo"

And for "balance" on the subject (which I wrote about yesterday), they've turned to Jonathan Kay of the National Post, and a regular commentator on a weekly Q panel. The thing is that in recent days, Kay's views on Israel have been more than a little, shall we say, problematic inasmuch as they seem designed primarily to provoke and upset NatPo readers.

But, yes, I guess in Ceebworld, Kay is seen as an acceptable--and therefore has become the designated--token non-leftist. (I don't count Rex Murphy here because, whereas in his NatPo guise he's a Tory tiger, in his Ceeb radio guise as host of Cross Country Checkup, he's as docile as a declawed tabby.)

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