Friday, January 24, 2014

Taqiyyah Time

A deliciously hyperventilated article on Iran's Press TV site condemns the U.S. and Obama for supposedly fabricating a nuclear threat:
Part of the U.S. self-inflicted delusional mythology on Iran stems from the incessant reiteration of the phrase “Iran's nuclear weapons program” in the western media. This nonstop promulgation of propaganda predisposes the western mind to believe the Zionist regime’s calumnies of an “Iranian nuclear threat,” when in fact there is none.   Even those western pragmatists who concede the validity of Washington’s own intelligence assessments, which concluded that Iran does NOT have a nuclear weapons program, nevertheless trumpet noisily about the dangers of Iran developing nuclear “breakout capability.”  This is while Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has unequivocally stated that Islam forbids the “production, stockpiling and use” of nuclear weapons, starkly contrasting the U.S. track record of demonic aggression in pursuit of global hegemony, having caused the deaths of over 10 million of Planet Earth's citizens since 1945.
Well, if the Ayatollah says Islam expressly forbids it, it must be true. ;)

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