Friday, January 31, 2014

Nat King Cold A.K.A. Barack "I Speet on Your Constitution" Obama

Commenting yesterday on the president's ongoing flurry of Constitution-violating executive orders, Charles Krauthammer said that, "If a Republican had done what Obama has, he'd be impeached." It has become clear, however, that no matter how often Obama lies to the American people, and despite how frequently and flagrantly he insults the Constitution, the man, in a word, is...

That's what he is.
For funny biz.

Like a thief that doesn't pay for it
How the POTUS gets away with it.
Never before
Has a pres'dent lied more.

That is his fate.
No Watergate.

That's why, darlin',
He's unteachable.
Also why he isn't reachable.
And why he is unimpeachable, too.

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