Friday, January 17, 2014

"They're Depraved on Account of They're Deprived"

In the musical West Side Story, that line was sung--mockingly--by one of juvvies; he was mouthing a platitude uttered by a social worker--or was it a shrink? No matter, the meme is even more popular these days among those on the left who tend to become intoxicated by the feeling/belief that they're on the side of the angels. Hence, Justin Trudeau's idiotic comments about how being "poor" drove the Boston Marathon bombers to commit terrorism. Which brings us to John Kerry and his boneheaded insistence that "poverty" is often a contributing factor to the jihad.

As shown by the example of the hyper-active young Canadian who reverted to Islam, ran off to fight the jihad in Syria (a magnet for today's young jihadis), did unpaid P.R. for Al Qaeda, and was killed just the other day, "poverty" has nothing to do with it. The claim that it does indicates a failure of the angels-siders' imagination. Also, their ignorance about Islam's siren call of jihad, which has bewitched 'em since Medieval times. Also, a failure to acknowledge--to accept--that the "poverty" meme, which accords with their worldview, has been debunked over and over and over again.

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