Thursday, January 30, 2014

Obama's Half-Brother Malik--Best Man at the Obama-Robinson Nuptials--Dons a Festive Eliminationist Scarf

This post on American Thinker has the details, including a close up of the scarf worn with pride by Malik Obama (head of the Barack H. Obama Foundation, the "charity" named for the Obama boys' late pater which, go figure, was fast-tracked to non-profit status):

In case you aren't up on your Jew-'liminationist  imagery, Walid Shoebat explains that that's
a Hamas scarf (keffiyeh) that bears a well-known Palestinian slogan - 'Jerusalem is ours - WE ARE COMING!' It also includes a map of Palestine that says, 'From the River to the Sea!' In other words, Malik is saying, THERE IS NO ISRAEL.
Charming fellow. And, when it comes to brothers-of-presidents, a category that has included more than a few rogues and ne'er-do-wells, he makes a Billy Carter look classy, wise and sober in comparison.

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