Friday, January 17, 2014

"No Money for Hate"

That's the headline of the Calgary Herald's superb editorial about the Canadian Arab Federation, a zesty bunch of Zion-loathers who sued the Canadian government for cutting their outfit's funding--and lost:
A Federal Court ruling that Ottawa was right to cease funding the Canadian Arab Federation because of its anti-Semitism and seeming support for terrorist groups sends a deservedly strong message to other groups seeking taxpayers' dollars: If the ideals, mandates and actions of your organization do not reflect democratic Canadian values, you don't deserve a penny of funding.
The CAF at one time obtained nearly three-quarters of its budget - $2 million over two years - from federal funding for immigrant language programs, but former Citizenship and Immigration minister Jason Kenney ended that in 2009 over concerns about the group's links with terrorists and its anti-Semitism. CAF president Khalef Mouammar labelled Kenney a "professional whore" because of Kenney's support for Israel, although that comment did not figure into Kenney's reasoning for turning off the money tap. 
Instead, he objected to the CAF lobbying Ottawa on behalf of Hezbollah and Hamas.  
The CAF had also circulated a flyer in 2006 during the federal Liberal leadership campaign, which attacked Bob Rae's wife for her connection to the now-defunct Canadian Jewish Congress. All of this amounts to hate-mongering and none of it should be shored up by public money...
Demanding that Canadian taxpayers fund their Zionhass amounts to chutzpah of the most outrageous and despicable kind. Surely the CAF can get someone else--some oily Mideast moneybags, say--to fund its eliminationist-minded shenanigans.

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