Wednesday, November 19, 2014

American Misperception About Number of Muslims in U.S. a Function of "Islamophobia"

Since the perception is vastly out of whack with the reality, what else but "Islamophobia" could it be (is what this article asks and answers unequivocally)?:
new poll conducted by Ipsos MORI, the second largest polling organization in the United Kingdom, tracks perceptions varying nationalities have about the demographics of their own country. The results reveal the incredible disparity between our perception of the Muslim population and the reality in the US. And while the poll can’t reveal the motivations behind the way Americans answered, drawing a connection between our demographic misperceptions and the current media and political fixation on radical Islam seems reasonable. 
According to the new poll, US citizens guessed the Muslim population of the US to be about 15 percent when asked “Out of every 100 people, how many do you think are Muslim?” This would mean that the US has 47.4 million Muslims. The reality is quite different, with current research putting the percentage of Muslims in the United States at about .8 percent of the population, with an estimated 2.6 million Muslims in the US as of 2010. Even higher estimates find that there are between five and eight million Muslims in the entire country. 
This incredible disparity between reality and perceptions regarding the Muslim population in the US is indicative of American fears regarding Islamic terrorism. It has been so consistently trumped up by our media and our politicians, so consistently been conflated with Muslims generally, that the US respondent imagines the Muslim “threat” to be immense. The view that a large portion of the US population is Muslim results in spectacles like state legislatures passing panicked laws against “creeping Sharia.”...
Silly infidels! Don't they know that there's absotively nothing to worry about?

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