Friday, November 21, 2014

Mute Imams Leave Moderate Muslim Farzana Hassan Dazed and Confused

Toronto Sun columnist Farzana Hassan can't fathom why imams have remained silent re the butchery in a Jerusalem synagogue. After all, she writes,
The Qur'an defines churches and synagogues as places of legitimate worship which invoke Allah. These places are to be protected.
Maybe so. But since, in the words of David Nirenberg, author of Anti-Judaism, the Qur'an "is extensively structured as a polemic against the Jews," and since the whole point of Islamic theology is to supersede both Judaism and Christianity, the monotheistic faiths that preceded it (and which have long been accused been accused of removing all references to Islam's founder in their holy texts, an act of malice and duplicity claim many Islamic theologians), one can understand why mum's the word for imams. And, given half a chance, no doubt more than a few of them would give thumbs up to these murders, which quite clearly were acts of jihad, and therefore fully in line with Qu'ranic teachings. And given that that's what "moderate" Jordan did—regret the death of the jihadis but not their victims—why wouldn't not-so-moderate imams do the same?

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