Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Made My Day/Week/Month

Mark Steyn calls me "the great Scaramouche" here.

In another part of his post, Steyn mentions that disgraced Ceeb celeb Jian Ghomeshi
surrendered to Toronto Police and was charged with four counts of sexual violence plus one of choking someone in order to "overcome resistance". The last is serious business: if convicted, Ghomeshi could go to prison for life. As for the "sexual violence", what strikes me about the various accounts from his "girlfriends" is that his sexual violence is heavy on the violence, rather light on the sexual - if there's any at all: at least one paramour dated him for a year without any sex. His initial get-ahead-of-the-story statement and, indeed, his own lawyer in a lighthearted jest at a speaking engagement suggested the violence was just "foreplay". But au contraire Ghomeshi seems to be less interested in sex than in just beating women up for the sheer pleasure of it.
Indeed. As I have previously remarked, he seemed to be using a category of sexual behavior--B&D&S&M--to justify what boiled down to a penchant (allegedly) for A&B (assault and battery), which is criminal, not sexual. (Given Ghomeshi's obvious desire to justify his proclivities, the appearance of the Shades of Grey trilogy a few years back must have seemed like a godsend.)

As if his Icarus-like fall wasn't humiliating enough, Jian has been subjected to what, for him, must be the ultimate indignity: In order to get out on bail, he had to agree to live with his Mom. (Presumably, Mama G. is far less likely to turn a blind eye to Jian's dubious dating antics than was his beloved stuffie and wingman, Big Ears Teddy.)

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