Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Obama's Bizarre Unpacking of the Beheading of an American "Revert"

Mona Charen writes that, weirdly but not unexpectedly, Obama the Groveling accorded the coerced reversion--obviously, a desperate bid by the "revert" to fend off his own beheading--a respect that it did not deserve:
President Obama condemned the atrocity, saying that Kassig “was taken from us in an act of pure evil by a terrorist group.” He continued, “While ISIL revels in the slaughter of innocents, including Muslims, and is bent only on sowing death and destruction, Abdul-Rahman was a humanitarian who worked to save the lives of Syrians injured and dispossessed by the Syrian conflict.” 
Hold on. Peter Kassig converted to Islam and took the name Abdul-Rahman, but only in captivity. President Obama’s insistence upon using his Islamic name reflects his continuing belief that by denying Islamic extremism, he can promote peace. “ISIL’s actions represent no faith,” he said, “least of all the Muslim faith which Abdul-Rahman adopted as his own.” 
When someone converts at the point of a sword, in hopes of saving his life, is that “adopting the Muslim faith as his own”? Whom is Mr. Obama respecting by using the Islamic name — Kassig, or his executioners?
I think the answer to that one is apparent to all who care to see it.

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