Thursday, November 27, 2014

B.C. RCMP Official Serves Up Same Old Warmed-Over "Diversity" Pap as an Antitdote for "Radicalization"

In today's NatPo, an RCMP official from British Columbia named Wayne Rideout, 'splains a critical component of the Mounties' "multi-layered anti-terrorism strategy" that aims to "keep Canadians safe" (link not yet available online):
Still, we can't effectively counter the threat of radicalization leading to violence through detection and disruption alone. This is why community engagement is so important. We are enhancing the long-standing relationships we have with Canadian communities and families, including diverse ethnic, cultural and religious communities. Which is why B.C. groups like the RCMP's Cultural Diversity Advisory Committee are so important to our collective efforts.
Our collective goal should be to prevent our youth and our citizens from engaging in violent extremism...
"Violent extremism," eh?

Euphemize much, Assistant Commissioner Rideout?

I don't know about you, but I don't exactly rest easy at night knowing that those in charge of keeping us safe and sound employ vapid, vaguely Soviet-sounding slogans like "DIVERSITY/INCLUSION: Embracing individuality, collectively we are the RCMP" and can't even bring themselves to utter the words "Islam," "Islamists" or "jihad".

Update: In another euphemism, one that's at least closer to the truth, the B.C. RCMP refers to planned acts of jihad as having been inspired by an "al-Qaida ideology."

Anything--anything--to avoid giving offence to testier parts of the, er, collective, right? (Hey, it worked in/for Rotherham, didn't it?)

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