Thursday, November 20, 2014

Will Anything Change Because of Gruberstorm-gate-quiddick-palooza?

Nope. Because the con wasn't perpetrated by wicked, trickydicky-Bushitler Republicans, all the lying, conniving and chicanery will pay off (because the media will feel free to ignore it), and ObamaCare will forever remain the crappy law of the land.

In homage to that reality, everybody sing!:

Got grubered, got conned by Obama.
You're grubered.
Grubered because you were "dumb."
They knew you'd love O as long as he needed
And that one day
ObamaCare'd finally come.

Gruber kept calling you stupid.
How eas'ly his scam would slip through.

Oh, grubered
For thinking that O's the messiah.
So Gruber got lyin',
And Gruber got flyin',
Now you're grubered
And thoroughly screwed...

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