Wednesday, November 26, 2014

In Leftyworld, Some Victims Count; Others Don't

I'm sure you have noticed that, while the vast majority of African-Americans/Muslims are killed by other African-American/Muslims, African-Americans/Muslims and the squish-brained media care only about that much smaller portion of African-Americans/Muslims who are killed by white people/Israelis. In other words, a victim mentality pervades both grievance groups, a state of affairs that allows them to evade all responsibility for their actions and blame their sorry fate entirely on the "racist" other. And the leftist media, pervaded as it is by leftist guilt and adoration of the designated underdog (the eternal "victim" of America/Israel), purveys this faulty narrative, one that helps keep the "victim" locked--frozen--in a state of victimhood that can only be assuaged by occasional eruptions of mob anger/violence/an intifada. 

In light of that reality, this photo taken the other night in downtown Seattle makes perfect sense:

Ferguson Palestine
Dear Lefty Useful Idiots: "crime" and "Palestine" don't
actually rhyme.


Yosef Cornfeld said...

Is Obama going to push for a two state solution for St. Louis County?

Paul said...

Since he's meeting unconditionally with the looters, I can only assume the police are chickens***s.