Saturday, November 15, 2014

Whadya Know? Obama HAS Been a "Transformative" President—But Not in a Good Way

David Solway surveys the wreckage that is Obama's legacy, a cautionary tale of what happens when madness grips the crowd and it falls for a false messiah:
We know today that his resonating promises — and they were legion — did not come to pass, with the single exception of his commitment to transform America. Why the most successful country in the world needed to be transformed was not immediately obvious, except to a generation that had been “educated” to believe America was the source of all the world’s ills, to a hydra-headed grievance industry that refused to take responsibility for its own lack of achievement or success, and to an obtuse and besotted media conglomerate — “knucklehead row,” to adopt Andrew Klavan’s apt description of New York Times columnists. And America has indeed been transformed, from a powerful, feared, wealthy and confident nation into a zymotic disaster zone, tearing itself apart from within, floundering in unpayable debt, and pursuing a ruinous foreign policy that has left critical regions of the globe in a state of incarnadine havoc and the country itself vulnerable to numerous security threats. It has been transformed into a country that, according to a recent Politico poll, almost two thirds of Americans feel “has lost control of its major challenges.”
Yes, but on the plus side, ObamaCare was "grubered" through the-then Democratic-controlled Congress, and we now know what's in it (and how crappy it all is).

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