Friday, November 28, 2014

Levant Loses Defamation Case; Ordered to Pay "Naive" Awan 80 Gs

Brrrr! That cold front that has hunkered down in these parts is called "libel chill"--so you best be careful which thin-skinned leftist or Muslim you dare offend 'cuz some can be quite litigious. (Sure, slaying the Section 13 dragon was a great victory for free speech, one in which Levant was instrumental. Alas, the courts have shown themselves more than willing to pick up the censorship slack, entertaining defamation suits and SLAPP cases--like the one Mark Steyn, the other Sec. 13 slayer, is fighting in the U.S.; Steyn's "crime"--he dissed a holy hockey stick.)

The censorship dragon lives!

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