Sunday, November 16, 2014

This Is How Leftists/the Politically Correct Think, Alas

They think a la the social worker in this Daily Mail story:
A social worker wanted to stop a girl who was a quarter Jewish being adopted by a Jewish couple because the household would have been too religious for the child, it was revealed yesterday.

In a speech to lawyers, a Supreme Court judge said that politically correct race rules – introduced on the premise that adopted children need parents of exactly the same ethnic and cultural background – became 'discriminatory'.

He gave the moving example of a case he had dealt with involving a three-year-old girl who was a quarter-Jewish, quarter-Scottish, quarter-Irish and quarter-Turkish.

Lord Wilson said the social worker appointed by the court to speak for the child 'argued that the girl should be placed in a non-religious family in which exposure to her of the four elements of her ethnicity might evenly be developed. She said that the proposed couple were too Jewish'. 
He had ruled the adoption by the Jewish couple should go ahead...
As an adoptive parent myself (who would not have been permitted to adopt had such silly, draconian rules been in effect here) all I can say is what on earth would we do without "helpful" social workers who believe such errant nonsense?

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Carlos Perera said...

Funny. I never realized before that one's religious convictions were genetically encrypted. I learn so much reading Scaramouche's posts!