Thursday, November 27, 2014

ISIS Recruiters Sing a Seasonal Song

Blow up the kafir.
His non-belief brings grief to
Quite a lot of us.
Let's make 'em suffer,
We hate "crusaders" who invade
Our territory.
For we need a little jeehad,
Right this very second.
Need a little jeehad,
It's not what they have reckoned with.
They'll bleed because of jeehad
Right this very second.
Their airplanes bombing our locations
Haven't caused us palpitations.

Obama's a weakling.
He's in no rush to crush us
Or our caliphate.
And, strictly speaking,
We know that we have got the
Will to kill and prevail.

For we've grown a little stronger,
Grown a little older.
Know we're lasting longer--
Longer 'cuz we're bolder.
And we need you to be stupid--
"Diversity" and "outreach."
Need a little jeehad now!...

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