Wednesday, June 24, 2015

CBC Ombudsman Rules That Its Jerusalem Correspondent's Obviously and Outrageously Anti-Israel "Tweet" Is No Such Thing

A resident of Thornhill complained to the CBC ombudsman when Ceeb reporter Sasa Petricic (whose anti-Israel bias is as tough to disguise as a stubborn case of B.O.) tweeted this:
“Fighting for/ag[ainst] #ISIS isn’t [the] only combat drawing youth to MidEast. Many more foreign recruits to #Israel, inc[luding] Cdn [Canadians]”
No surprise that the Ceeb ombudsman decided that a tweet equating young Jews, many of them fleeing Jew-hate in places like France and making Aliyah to Israel, with jihadis who engage in the most barbaric practices (beheadings, cage drownings, setting people on fire) "did not violate CBC/Radio-Canada’s Journalistic Standards and Practices."

Of course it didn't, since the Ceeb itself is a hotbed of Zionhass.

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