Wednesday, June 17, 2015

JNF Canada Nixes Huckabee Speech Because He Fails to Toe the P.C. Line on "Trans"

Sure, ex-Gov. Huckabee is a vocal supporter of the State of Israel. But when he ventured an opinion that differed from the one and only acceptable one, his appearance was canned PDQ by Canucki Jews.

Update: Steyn channels his inner Pastor Niemoller for the begone, Huckabee occasion:
First they came for the Jews and I did nothing.
Then I decided okay, I'll do something for the Jews.
But then they came for the transgendered and I did nothing, so the Jews said screw off.
So I said okay, I'll do the TransWoman of the Year luncheon.
But then they came for the non-colored women of color and I did nothing, because by then I was getting a bit of a headache...
Me too. This identity politics mishegas is giving me a wee migraine.

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