Wednesday, June 17, 2015

In Typical Mealy-Mouthed Fashion, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne Passes the Buck on Al Quds Day at Queen's Park

This is from an interview in the CJN (I quote from the newsprint copy delivered to my door this morning; will post a link if and when I can find it):
Each year, an Al-Quds Day rally takes place at Queen's Park. It sees protesters waving flags and banners representing organizations banned in Canada as terrorist groups and calling for the annihilation of Israel. Do you think Queen's Park is an appropriate venue for these rallies? (Ed. note: this question was posed before the decision to deny a permit to the rally.)
I don't think anywhere is an appropriate place for hate to be advocated. So that's my starting point. Having said that, we don't make the decisions. The government doesn't make the decision about the use of the precinct. That goes through the Speaker's office. I trust that the Speaker looks in to the activities that are going to take place. But I think anywhere that hate speech is being advocated, that is not a good thing for our society or for the world, quite frankly.
Got that? She's no fan of (generic, non-specific) hate speech (hey, who is?), but she's not about to take sides in this annual Khomeini-created Zionhass-a-palooza.

As for the "Ed. note"--as it turns out, "the decision to deny a permit" will in no way impede the hate-fest from going ahead as planned.

Wanna weigh in on that, Kathleen?

Update: The link to the interview is now online.

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