Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Jacob Lew, Court Jew

How perfect is it that the Obama administration official who offered a "stirring defense" of his boss's impending wackadoodle nuke deal with Iran (the one whose beneficiaries will be crazed Twelvers intent on hastening their messiah's return via a genocide of Jewry, starting with those in Israel) has a last name that rhymes with "Jew"?

As in "court Jew"--a Jew who, instead of speaking truth to power, bows before it and does its bidding, even when it imperils the interests and well-being of his own people.

Never mind Keeping Up With the Kardashians or its spinoff starring the not-entirely transitioned (she's keeping her junk) Caitlyn Jenner. Had TLC the sense to pick it up, Jacob Lew, Court Jew could be the reality TV show hit of the summer!

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